Dirty Jack Hits YouTube

If it has something to do with sex, MG likes and it seems something called Dirty Jack: Love Fetish now has an interactive video on YouTube, not sure how they made it interactive…

“Our titles often appeal to consumers who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves gamers,” said Jacek Maciak, CEO of Witchcraft Studios. “Partly, it’s because we tell the kind of stories that can easier be found on TV or in a comedy film than in video games. More importantly though, our products are available on devices of everyday use, such as mobile phones and tablets, as opposed to dedicated gaming hardware. Thanks to YouTube, we can reach an underserved audience craving for this type of interactive entertainment.”

Dirty Jack Love Fetish
DIRTY JACK is a series of hot interactive comics for mobile platforms. The player becomes a witty womanizer and conquers the hearts of beautiful girls in various situations and places. Jack has sharpened his skills on a movie set, a cruise ship, an airplane, in dance clubs and bars, on exotic islands, and in snow covered mountains…

Each episode brings new, surprising adventures. Choices made by the player lead to many different outcomes and the exciting arcade sequences keep things sufficiently kinky. Thanks to enthralling stories and imaginative illustrations, the series gained immense popularity all over the world.

Every game in the series is available in two editions, each roughly corresponding to the age of the player. One for players 18 and over, and another for younger fans.

Video is now unavailable on YouTube, so has been replaced by a screenshot