Racksoy Microphone Mic Suspension Boom

Why the Racksoy Microphone Mic Suspension Boom? I’d been looking for a mic boom for ages, the main place of interest was amazon, but the main problem on there are the reviews. I tried asking on Twitter if anyone recommended one, even asked a YouTuber who, as I should have guessed, ignored my question.

“What’s wrong with amazon customer reviews?” I hear no-one ask. Well, out of all the mic boom’s I’d looked at, the Racksoy Microphone Mic Suspension Boom was the most intriguing. Some said it couldn’t hold the Blue Snowball mic, yet there are photographs of some customers with said mic on the product.
I was going to order one, but then the wife offered to buy it for me…

Today, I bring you proof that the Racksoy Microphone Mic Suspension Boom can indeed hold the Blue Snowball mic with ease. Without any help, no excuses, no duct tape, glue or anything to prop it up. Just a photograph of the boom with mic attached…
Racksoy Microphone Mic Suspension Boom
I have NO idea what the people who buy some products on amazon do with them, I honestly think they’re too stupid to use the product, because that has been the case in my experience. I’ve read “reviews” which have basically been a big whine because they didn’t know how to work it.
Rather than provide examples, just look on amazon at products you own and have no problems using, then read the one and two star reviews, you wonder if it’s the same product on that page that they’re reviewing.
My brief review of the Racksoy Microphone Mic Suspension Boom: it works. It is strong enough to hold the Blue Snowball mic (with the adapter screw from the included mic holder). I don’t know how to fit the pop filter on the boom as the boom arm isn’t thick enough for the pop filter to get a good enough grip (it just about holds on).
If you’d like to buy one and I would recommend it for Blue Snowball mic users (Blue Yeti compatibility is a possibility, I can’t say due to no personal experience), then visit the link in the above tweet. If you would like a Blue Snowball mic of which I would also recommend, then please click this link http://amzn.to/1PZEbMh to buy one. It’s a good price for a great mic!