A bit of guilt

You know, I know it was a bit of a rant about April Fool’s and how people should get a humour injection if they don’t find things funny, but I have to openly admit that my original title was quite harsh and that I’m glad MattG didn’t rip the shit out of me as he would have every right to. I did seem pretty angry at how I thought people should lighten up and I guess I wasn’t being as subtle as I could have been and that I needed to lighten up instead.

I do feel a bit bad about ‘having a go’, I think I just got fed up of seeing so much negativity about April Fool’s Day that I had to let off some steam, it’s usually a healthy thing to do, but on the internet and about people you don’t even know, it’s just not right. I’m not some kind of political activist or rampaging complainer about this, that and everything, I had a moment of unintentional finger-pointing or something and went back to a way that I didn’t want to be again. I used to get worked up a bit about stuff and then I came to the realisation that it’s not worth it, it doesn’t matter how angry you get and no matter what you do or say, you’re just a keyboard warrior.

That is why for some years now, I just get on with things and ignore the idiots, it would be so easy to go into a forum and try to make your point and have other people see it, but it just doesn’t happen. Unless you just give in and accept that they’re thick as pigshit and that you’re better off talking to a brick wall, you’ll just go around in circles trying to explain yourself. I know, I’ve been there and you can end up saying things you regret, I haven’t said something I strongly regret, but I’ve said a few things that didn’t necessarily need to be said and that’s why I bite my virtual tongue and say nothing. As the old saying goes, if you can’t say anything nice…