Oh joy, it's Easter

Just another day to me, but to the kids (including the missus), it’s a day for presents. I’m not bothered about getting eggs orSimpsons Easter Egg .. well.. anything, but I’ve had an egg given to me anyway and a pair of The Simpsons boxer shorts. I’m not a strictly religious person, but I do feel that people really do forget what Easter is really supposed to be about, and it doesn’t involve a chocolate egg giving bunny.

I need to see about getting a new TV though, but I don’t fancy getting a 28″ which seems to be the norm these days, it’s a bit bigger than I need, but I suppose I’ll just have to save up that bit extra to get an HD Ready type TV of which a 23″ would suffice. I guess that the Xbox 360 would benefit more from having an HD Ready TV and if I can find a decently priced one with Freeview, even better. I’m kind of missing not being able to play for a few hours on my consoles due to the existing crappy TV switching itself off after about 30 minutes, I’m not too sure exactly what is wrong with it and I’m not particularly bothered about getting it fixed (if it even is repairable), so I’ll just hold out until I’ve saved up enough to get a new one.

As I now finish off to go and sort out a 4-in-line surge protector with a longer lead, so that I can plug in my chargers again, I bid thee a Happy Easter and see you next time…