Round Up Those Zombies On The iPad

First came Plants Vs Zombies and it was epic and lots of people liked it and all was good… suddenly a new challenger appears!
Tall Chair has released Cowboys Vs Zombies which takes on the now quite popular tower defense gameplay and puts a different twist to the genre by including Cowboys, I suppose you could blame Red Dead Redemption for that, but hey, was there really a decent ‘cowboy’ game before?
Founder/Evangelist Ben Acevedo stated

“It’s great to be launching Cowboys vs Zombies and to be able to give it a proper send-off this upcoming week. We have been receiving a lot of support from like-minded indie artists and we wanted to give a little back. We will be making a special announcement on our Facebook page on Monday about something special we are doing for our fans at the Launch Party.”

Obviously, that announcement is probably still on their Facebook page, but the game is now available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for a launch price of 99c just for today.Game info:
Cowboys vs. Zombies delivers a new take on tower defense by featuring quality 3D art, mobile towers, and unpredictable swarming zombie hoards. You play the Sheriff in charge of defending the town of UnDeadwood with your posse of colorful cowboy and cowgirl characters. Hire cowboys for your posse, upgrade, and position them wisely to defend against wave after wave of zombies hell-bent on destroying the town.

Expanding on the Tower Defense genre, Tall Chair’s Cowboys vs. Zombies uses the environments to add to the strategy. Invading zombies destroy the buildings, which reduces the safe places from which your cowboys can defend. Choosing which buildings to defend and when to fall back is key to surviving. When the zombies have leveled the town, the Sheriff is vulnerable. Loose the Sheriff and you lose the game.
Cowboys vs. Zombies is available on the App Store for a special one-day price of $0.99. Find out more at or the game’s Facebook page