Yarr! It Be A Naughty Bear New Episode

Naughty Bear
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505 Games and Artificial Mind & Movement announced the latest downloadable chapter for Naughty Bear is available now for Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network.
Chapter 9 goes all piratey and pits the naughtiest bear around in a bid to lay siege to the Island of Perfection with even more mischievous action, including all-new characters, costumes and challenges.

Fluffy cuddly info:
Filled with exclusive hidden treasures, deadly weapons and brutal buccaneers, Chapter 9 serves up four new challenges to swashbuckle while taking up arms against baddie bears and their leader, Admiral Giggles, as well as The Pirates and their leader, The Great Bear Beard.
Naughty Bear Ep901.jpgNaughty Bear Ep902.jpgNaughty Bear Ep903.jpgNaughty Bear Ep904.jpgNaughty Bear Ep905.jpgNaughty Bear Ep906.jpgNaughty Bear Ep907.jpgNaughty Bear Ep908.jpg[/pe2-gallery]
To commend their efforts in combat, Chapter 9 players can dress Naughty in his own version of the Pirate Bear costume or even assume the identity of The Great Bear Beard, find two new hats and collect the lethal cutlass, with unique ultra-kill capabilities.
Naughty Bear is available for iPhone & iPod Touch through the Apple App Store for £1.79. The downloadable Chapter 9 is available now on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 400 MS points and on PlayStation Network for the equivalent of $4.99 USD.

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