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SEGA Sale on App Store

It seems SEGA want everyone to be playing their games over Easter and therefore, are not only having a sale on the Xbox Live Marketplace, but also for you iPhone. iPod Touch or iPad gamers. You have until April 25th to buy the ‘Easter basket’ of games available and they’re lower than half price, which makes them that much more desirable, so if you’re a fan of SEGA and haven’t bought any of their games from the App Store, maybe now is the time.

Doodle Jump Coming To Kinect

Doodle Jump is only on Android, the iPhone and on it’s way to the iPad at the moment, but Lima Sky have plans to bring it to the Xbox 360 and be playable with the Kinect. “After such incredible first two years, it is safe to say Doodle Jump has exceeded even our wildest imaginations,” says Igor Pusenjak, founder of Lima Sky.  “We are looking forward to bringing even more amazing content to millions of Doodle Jump fans around the world.”

Baby Ninjas Jump Onto iPhones

There’s something about ninjas and especially small ones that make for some fun gaming, ASteam has launched Baby Ninja JUMP onto the App Store which is the successor to Baby Ninja, strangely enough. The idea is based on Doodle Jump, but now you are a real 3D Baby Ninja Character and you have to jump on clouds, collect fruits, teddy bears and destroy crates and bad fruits.

Get Mirror's Edge on iPhone, FREE!

That’s right folks, for one day only, you can download the iPhone and iPad version of Mirror’s Edge for absolutely freemans, it’s probably, no, definitely the best of the 12 day giveaway on iTunes and you’d be a fool to miss out. It’s a great game and certainly not to be missed, especially for free, so what are you sitting there reading this for? Unless you don’t have an iDevice, then you should be reading other news on here, but if you do, you should be clicking links to download the iPhone and/or iPad versions of the game and you’ll be excused for leaving the table to play for a while. Just as long as you finish that piece of broccoli, go on, all in one mouthful… chew.. CHEW there we go, now off to enjoy yourself!

Pursuit for iPhone Hot Facts

Laydeez and gennulmen, without further ado, I present you with this… Feel the thrill of the Takedown with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for the iPhone and iPod touch! For the first time ever in a Need for Speed game, you will be able to play as the cop on a full career mode that takes you through 24 Career Events. Start as a rookie and progress to the top of the ranks by collecting bounties. [pe2-gallery] [/pe2-gallery] Players can choose from up to 15 high-performance police cars. When racing, extreme maneuvers will help you score bounty points, so use your nitro and hand brakes and grind, nudge, and drift your way across the roads. Players can also go head-to-head as cop or racer via local WiFi or Bluetooth. Choose from 5 cop and 5 racer cars, and play out the ultimate cat-and-mouse road race with your friends. You’ve never seen or felt anything quite like this on the App...

iPad Speccy Games Released

Elite have released the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD Vols #1 and #2 onto the App Store which contains the following classics: Turbo Esprit – #3 on top 100 best games, voted for by visitors to World of Spectrum Saboteur – #10 on top 100 best games Chuckie Egg – the classic, developed by Nigel Alderton Harrier Attack –  inspired by the conflict in the South Atlantic Frank Bruno’s Boxing – the UK #1 Best-Seller Buggy Boy – the arcade original driving game Speaking about the App, Elite MD Steve Wilcox said, “The media and consumer reaction to the announcement, in late September, of Apple’s approval of ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection (for iPhone / iPod Touch) has been extensive and enthusiastic. The six games included in the inaugural volume have each generated a revenue significantly in excess £1K+ (US$1.5K+).”