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Brothers Kick Off Xbox Live Summer of Arcade

For some reason, Microsoft think it’s a good idea to release some games gradually over the summer, so that they have an excuse for an event called the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade and this years first game is Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons.

Terraria Gets Dirty on Consoles

Terraria was such a big hit with PC gamers and not just because it was inspired by Minecraft, but due to the fact that it had its own unique gameplay, which is why console gamers can thank 505 Games for bringing it to the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Naughty Bear Causes Panic in Paradise

That naughty bear is back and this time, he’ll be causing panic in paradise as 505 Games has announced that Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise is heading for Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network some time this year.

More Cooking Mama Coming To DS's

International videogame publisher 505 Games has proudly announced that the eponymous Cooking Mama will return once again with two brand new titles; Cooking Mama 4 for 3DS and Cooking Mama World: Outdoor Adventures for DS. Every gamer’s favourite domestic goddess is back in the kitchen working her magic, and this time the kitchen gloves are also off in an all new outdoor environment.

Backbreaker Vengeance Launch Trailer

Tomorrow sees the release of Backbreaker Vengeance on the Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 MS Points with a PlayStation Network launch a little later this year, but for now, you can see the launch trailer. The trailer features the hard-hitting tackles and gives gamers a peak at the blow-by-blow-gameplay of more than 350 waves of action across 70 challenges.

Wrecked Revenge Revisited First Car Image

It’s still a while away and there isn’t much more info than what’s on the Facebook page, there isn’t even a proper website yet as they’re most likely working away on getting the game coded and whatnot. For now, all we have to console ourselves with is a new image which is of the first car in the game, more images of the other cars will apparently be available soon, so you’ll just have to make the best of this one for the time being…

Wreck Yoself with 505 Games

Do you own a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360 or both? Jolly good, then you’re eligible to get Wrecked or more specifically, WRECKED – Revenge Revisited which is heading onto the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade sime time soon. It’s developed by Supersonic and is apparently a follow-up to a game I’ve searched high and low for in shops and online and am yet to find a decent copy, Mashed that was releasd back in 2004 for the Xbox and PlayStation 2.

Yarr! It Be A Naughty Bear New Episode

505 Games and Artificial Mind & Movement announced the latest downloadable chapter for Naughty Bear is available now for Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network. Chapter 9 goes all piratey and pits the naughtiest bear around in a bid to lay siege to the Island of Perfection with even more mischievous action, including all-new characters, costumes and challenges.

Bears Get Naughty On the iPhone

You may recall that Naughty Bear was quite recently released on consoles, now 505 Games and Artificial Mind and Movement have announced the release of an iPhone/iPod Touch game featuring everyone’s favourite omni-present and, let’s face it, omni-moody bear. “In the last six months Naughty Bear has captured the imagination of a very wide fanbase and very quickly become an icon within the gaming world and a beacon for the disenfranchised and the disgruntled everywhere,” said Tim Woodley, Head of Global Brand Management, 505 Games. “With the launch of the iPhone version, Naughty Bear fans can finally, and quite literally, take matters into their own hands.”