Terraria Patch Adds New Stuff

Terraria has quite a big following on the PC, which is why there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming 1.3 update. The console version however, is a little behind and is only now getting new content.

A screenshot of Terraria gameplay.If you’re a Terraria console gamer, then take a look at what’s coming up in the 1.2.3 update:

  • Increased npc name net message size
  • Created separate textures for solid and non-solid tiles
  • Add swap option for all consoles except PSVita between L1R1/L2R2 or LTRT/LBRB
  • Renumbered console exclusive armor head, body and head ids
  • Ice Queen projectile does not affect destructible tiles (Frostmoon loot bug and Queen Bee spawning)
  • Replaced “Drop” function with “Quick Buff” in the controller map


  • Ability to change platforms into stairs with a hammer
  • Update music box graphics (each music box has its unique style)
  • Add Music Notes animation for Music boxes
  • Update Robe graphics
  • Update graphics for Cobalt Shield, Obsidian Shield, Paladin’s Shield
  • Add Cactus variations
  • Add biome-specific stalactites
  • Add sounds for waterfalls and lavafalls
  • Add sounds for critters
  • Increase bird spawns during the morning
  • Add various song sfx for birds
  • Add upside-down slopes (for hammer, and in world-gen)
  • Allow the placing of coins to create coin stacks
  • Destroyer boss drops loot from segment closest to the player
  • All non-event bosses can drop a Boss Mask (see items)
  • Dyes stackable
  • Turn rain red during a Blood Moon
  • Add Shark Statue
  • Add the catching of critters and making cages for them
  • Add Underground Crimson music

New Critters:

  • Duck
  • Mallard Duck
  • Worm

New NPC:

  • Travelling merchant

New Items (and ID):

2158 Bubble Wallpaper
2159 Copper Pipe wallpaper
2160 Ducky Wallpaper

2008 Fancy Grey Wallpaper
2009 Ice Floe wallpaper
2010 Music wallpaper

2011 Purple Rain wallpaper
2012 Rainbow wallpaper
2013 Sparkle Stone wallpaper

2014 Starlit heaven wallpaper
1991 Bug Net
2177 Ammo Box

2214 Brick Layer
2215 Extendo Grip
2216 Paint Sprayer

2217 Portable Cement Mixer
2219 Celestial Magnet
2266 Sake

2272 Water Gun
2279 Gypsy Robe
2274 Ultrabright Torch

2268 Pho
2267 Pad Thai
2258 Chalice

2270 Gatligator
2223 Pulse Bow
2271 Arcane Rune Wall

2277 Gi
2275 Magic Hat
2242 Fancy Dishes

2243 Glass Bowl
2278 Kimono
1988 Fez

2273 Katana
2269 Revolver
2260 Dynasty Wood

2261 Red Dynasty Shingles
2262 Blue Dynasty Shingles
2283 Zebra Skin

2282 Leopard Skin
2281 Tiger Skin
2493 King Slime Mask

2112 Eye of Cthulhu Mask
2104 Brain of Cthulhu Mask
2111 Eater of Worlds Mask

2108 Queen Bee Mask
1281 Skeletron Mask
2105 Wall of Flesh Mask

2113 Destroyer Mask
2792 Horned God Robe
2106 Twin Mask

2794 Horned God Boots
2107 Skeletron Prime Mask
2793 Horned God Headpiece

2791 Ocram Mask
2109 Plantera Mask
2110 Golem Mask

2218 Beetle Husks
2199 Beetle Helmet
2200 Beetle Scale Mail

2201 Beetle Shell
2202 Beetle Leggings
2280 Beetle Wings

2229 Dynasty Work Bench
2263 White Dynasty Wall
2264 Blue Dynasty Wall

2265 Dynasty Door
2228 Dynasty Chair
2230 Dynasty Chest

2259 Dynasty Table
2226 Dynasty Lantern
2224 Large Dynasty Lantern

2236 Dynasty Candle
2227 Large Dynasty Candle
2225 Dynasty Lamp

2235 Dynasty Bowl
2234 Dynasty Cup
2231 Dynasty Bed

2237 Dynasty Clock
2233 Dynasty Bookcase
2232 Dynasty Bathtub

2244 Wine Glass
2208 Terrarium
2162 Bunny Cage

2163 Squirrel Cage
2206 Penguin Cage
2166 Bird Cage

2167 Blue Jay Cage
2168 Cardinal Cage
2191 Mouse Cage

2207 Worm Cage
0250 Fishbowl
2019 Bunny

2018 Squirrel
2205 Penguin
2105 Bird

2016 Blue Jay
2017 Cardinal
2003 Mouse
2002 Worm

Not only that, but for those of you who play on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, a mobile companion app which will act as a ‘live map’ was announced. It will allow you to see where you are in your world and if there’s anything worthwhile nearby.

The update should happen today.

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