The Video Situation

New videos are coming soon, I promise! Just haven’t had much motivation lately, but a mass recording session will happen today to get loads of content ready to last at least 2 weeks.

Fact is, I haven’t played anything except clicker games for the past week, I think I was a bit burned out, but a lot more is coming. I’d like to do more Let’s Play videos, but those kind of videos need to be around 30 minutes long when I know viewers won’t watch that long.
I try to keep videos up to about 20 minutes long as that seems to be the average length most other YouTubers aim for, but yeah, sorry for the lack of uploads and I feel I’m failing not just me, but the lovely people who subscribe to me.
Here is my last uploaded video and I’m planning on getting back to the 2 uploads a day routine I started a while ago and hopefully, I won’t lag behind!