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A Closer Look at the Xbone Controller

A video featuring Xbox’s own Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb) and General Manager, Zulfi Alam takes a closer look at the Xbox One (or more commonly known as Xbone) controller and its over 40 different changes compared to the Xbox 360 pad.

While there are obvious aesthetic changes, some have apparently been made due to feedback, others seem a bit stupid. I, personally, like the way the D-pad is already and if gamers wanted it sunk more, why did they release a controller with a transforming D-pad for the Xbox 360 which didn’t really sink it, but just changed it into a cross?

The good thing is how the batteries are now incorporated in the controller which shaves a good chunk of bulk off the back, I didn’t quite understand the significance of the buttons and to put rumble motors in the triggers is a bit daft unless those triggers are going to be solid and very hard-wearing.
What do you think of the Xbone controller? Does it get a yay or nay from you? Let the world (and more importantly, Mental Gamers) know in the comments!