• July 25, 2021 00:24

It's Most Haunted Live time again…


May 4, 2007

…But this time, we’re going without tickets in the hope of people who did get tickets don’t turn up.

Last time we went (June 2006, Llanelli), people were queueing up and as we got talking with a couple of women in front of us, it appeared they were quite local and had turned up in the hope that there was space for them to get in, so that’s what we’re basically doing.

It’s in Bristol this time and according to Google maps, is only around 1hr 40mins away as it’s pretty much a straight road down the M5 and just a few turns when we exit, so it shouldn’t be like last time which took us about 3 hours and then had to ask someone who even got in their car and guided us to Llanelli Leisure Centre (very nice people there, friendly and helpful).

So, yeah, and this time, I’ll remember to take my camera to get some pics done that I forgot to do last time…