How to skin the R4DS

Ok, it was something I was going to do anyway, but someone actually asked if I could make a vid to show how to put skins onto the R4DS and here it is (well, after the jump anyway).

To start, you will need 4 24bit bmp images like this (exact size)…

I don’t know why imageshack changed it to .png, but I’ve linked it to the bmp which needs to be renamed logo.bmp if you want to use it. The 4 256*192 images should be:

  • bckgrd_1.bmp
  • bckgrd_2.bmpR4Skin
  • icons.bmp
  • logo.bmp

They all go into a folder called themexx (xx = a number from 01 to 12) and that folder goes into the _system_themes directory on the R4. Also, the theme.ini file should be in there which contains the info about text colours and stuff, the skin I made can be downloaded from here which has a theme.ini for you to take a look at and change to whatever you need.

Then it’s just a case of dragging and dropping the folder over (the unzipped folder if you’ve downloaded it) as shown in the vid. 🙂

(For people watching this on my blog) If you’re wondering why I say to, “look on my blog”, it’s for people watching it on YouTube. 😉