Yarr! There be Pirates of the Caribbean assets

Another big brown envelope was dropped through the letterbox this morning AWE sackand I saw it had ‘Gaming Newz’ on it, I thought it was from another PR company that keep sending stuff that relate to the old name of Mental Gamers, but it wasn’t, which is why I was doubly surprised.

I wondered what game was inside, so imagine my surprise whenAWE assets there wasn’t a game inside, but a Hessian sack. Inside the sack was the usual PR gubbins such as info sheets and stuff, but also inside were a couple of ‘stones’, one was a piece of iron pyrite and the other was a rock crystal quartz, so once again I was treated to a kind of ‘goody bag’ from the PR guys.

It’s little things like this that make working on a gaming site worthwhile. 😉