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Ladies Lace Up for New Star Soccer Update

One of the good things to come from following fellow gamers and other writers is you get to hear about what they’re playing, so when you start seeing several talking about a game like New Star Soccer, you’re going to take a look for yourself.

I downloaded the ‘free’ game and started playing, I thought hey, this isn’t bad at all and soon got hooked in… Yes, hooked in by the not-so-free game after all, once you had played 10 matches, it asked you to pay 69p to unlock the full career mode.
It was the best 69p I had ever spent on a game as I’ve had MANY hours of fun and now hearing news of quite a substantial update, it’ll bring a new lease of life to the game that’s never left my iPhone since purchase.

Featuring brand new lifestyle items to purchase, pre-match statistics, Agents, Trainers, and for the first time ever the opportunity to play as a female footballer, these brand new screens provide a small insight into the multitude of ways that New Star Soccer is changing. Based on a wealth of fan feedback, update 1.5 will ensure that New Star Soccer is bigger and better than ever before!
It’s just one of those games that has a certain charm about it for you to keep going back to it, so if you want to try it out for yourself, visit iTunes or Google Play.