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New Star Soccer Goes Free on Android

The free version of New Star Soccer has landed on Google Play, but old customers are disgruntled at how the game has changed since updating to version 1.5 and feels it’s gone in the wrong direction.

Thumbstar Sign Up New Star Soccer

Thumbstar  Games has announced that they will publish New Star Soccer for Android devices. The game has already had over 3 million downloads on the App Store and hopes to be as successful on Android.

New Star Soccer Updated To 1.5

Remember when everyone was talking about New Star Soccer and you went and paid 69p to unlock the whole game, then played so long you amassed a fortune in savings? Say goodbye to those savings in the new 1.5 update.

Ladies Lace Up for New Star Soccer Update

One of the good things to come from following fellow gamers and other writers is you get to hear about what they’re playing, so when you start seeing several talking about a game like New Star Soccer, you’re going to take a look for yourself.