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Riddler Trophy Has Catwoman Touch

There is really only one official Comic Con, the SDCC or San Diego Comic Con which is taking place between July 12-15 and TriForce have announced that a special, limited edition Batman: Arkham City – Pink Catwoman Riddler Trophy Full Scale Replica will be available.

Batman AC GOTY Packs

Remember those packshots you saw a while ago for Batman Arkham City Game of the Year? If you thought they were just a mock-up, then you would have thought wrong, they’re real or at least, will be when the GOTY is released.

Batman Grows a GOTY

Some new downloadable content is due to be released for Batman: Arkham City and it will be the last. It features Harley Quinn and adds another couple of hours of gameplay, but that’s released on May 30th whereas, for those of you that haven’t already got the game, you’ll have to wait a while longer if you want the GOTY version.

OnLive Gets Exclusive Arkham City Demo

Have you joined OnLive yet? Having access to so many games for £6.99 a month is a good thing, being able to play the first 30 minutes of a game is even better, even better than a pre-set demo.

[Cosplay] The Best Arkham City Costume?

You get all kind of people trying to make Batman outfits for the sake of cosplay, some are very good, ok or just plain crap, but it seems that one guy has broken all the rules by creating what must be the most perfect Batman outfit based on the Arkham City version.

Ask Batman's Alfred Anything On Your Mind

Ever wanted your own butler to share his wealth of wordly knowledge with? Alfred Pennyworth, lifetime butler to the one and only Bruce Wayne and Batman is taking on the role of Ask Jeeves by having his own Batman-related search.

Batman Arkham City, the Official Launch Trailer

Reviews are all over the internet as from today and to celebrate the release of the reviews (they were embargoed until today), some screenshots and the official launch trailer has been released for you to feast your eyes upon!

Batman Swoops Into Arkham PC November

While the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Batman: Arkham City is scheduled for release on October 21st, PC gamers will need to wait a little while longer before they can don the cape and go fighting crime from the shadows.

Mr Freeze Plays Jingle for Batman

It has been revealed that Mr Freeze will make an appearance in Batman: Arkham City and to demonstrate that fact, a trailer has been released to introduce him to the masses. Dr. Victor Fries was a brilliant cryogenics expert whose life took a cruel twist that would see him dedicate his life to avenging the fate of his beloved wife Nora and becoming an archenemy of Batman.