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War Thunder Flies Through Clouds

War Thunder can now be played on mobile devices which are capable of running the OnLive client. Oh, and if you have a subscription to the CloudLift service at about £5 a month of course… and an internet connection.

OnLive Going Offline? No, It Isn't

A recent spark on Twitter has become a aflame at the news of OnLive firing all of its staff, the reason is yet to be known, but the OnLive Twitter account seems to be oblivious at what’s going on.

OnLive Goes Mobile

If you haven’t already discovered, OnLive now has a mobile app which allows you to use the service on your mobile device and even some games are playable, best of all, you get a free game just for installing the app and logging in.

OnLive Gets Exclusive Arkham City Demo

Have you joined OnLive yet? Having access to so many games for £6.99 a month is a good thing, being able to play the first 30 minutes of a game is even better, even better than a pre-set demo.