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Ask Batman’s Alfred Anything On Your Mind

Ever wanted your own butler to share his wealth of wordly knowledge with? Alfred Pennyworth, lifetime butler to the one and only Bruce Wayne and Batman is taking on the role of Ask Jeeves by having his own Batman-related search.

It’s basically just a customised version of Bing, the main difference is that certain keywords will fetch special results that feature exclusive content such as audio files, screenshots and a chance to win a limited edition Xbox 360.

Keywords will be hidden throughout the marketing campaign for the game and site creators Weapon7 have developed cryptic clues the dastardly Joker would be proud of, calling on Batman fans to interact, explore and unearth exclusive content. Try searching “Batman” or “Arkham City” for a taste of what to expect.

All you have to do is go to and start entering as many Batman type words as you can and especially ones that may have something to do with Arkham City!