Dungeon Defenders Does Developer Diary #5

It’s released on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow, but should be on the PlayStation Network right now, so if you’ve already got it or still waiting for it to unlock/become available, there’s a fifth developer diary to watch.

Video info:
Trendy Entertainment has released the fifth and final developer diary for its upcoming co-op/action-RPG/tower-defense game, Dungeon Defenders! The video features an in-depth look at all of the content in Dungeon Defenders. There’s the Campaign Missions with four different difficulty levels, which follow the heroes on their quest to rid their castle from evil. There’s also Challenge Missions, which turn the foundations of Tower Defense on its head. There’s Survival Mode, Trendy’s own brand of infinite Tower Defense, and Pure Strategy Mode, an extremely pure version of Tower Defense. For hardcore players there’s even Mix Mode, the ultimate, randomized, challenge – and all of these support extra experience and loot for your heroes, so get ready for a long adventure!
Check on the Xbox Marketplace for availability or visit Steam if you’re a PC gamer.