LEGO 320 GB Xbox 360 HDD

In need of more space on your Xbox 360? 320 GB is the new size, but the drives are only available for the slim version of the console, which kind of makes sense as Microsoft has pretty much stopped making the old phat ones anyway.

Typical blurb:
With more downloadable content than ever, the extra storage of the new 320GB Media Hard Drive is an invaluable add-on. Now you can store up to 95 full games, or 200 standard definition movies, or 40 high definition movies, or up to 975 standard TV shows.
LEGO Star Wars 320GB Promo
Not only do you get a spinky new high capacity drive, as a bonus, it will also come with a code for you to download LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.
320GB HDD Pack
The HDD is scheduled for release later this month, so look out for it on,, and other fine retailers!

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