Toki Tori going cheap

The first world, Forest Falls, of Toki Tori
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After the successful launch of the award winning Toki Tori on Valve’s Steam PC and Mac services, Two Tribes have teamed up with three additional digital distribution platforms for Toki to spread its wings. Toki Tori is now available for purchase at Impulse Driven (PC); Gamers Gate (PC/Mac); and, Mac Game Store (Mac).

“Seeing Toki Tori spreading its wings and expanding its reach is a fantastic thing! It was a logical move for us to make and considering the game’s initial adoption, the community has been waiting for us to do so. The early bird discount is a gift from us to the fans.”, says Joost Rietveld, Strategic Manager at Two Tribes.

For the early birds this weekend only, 50% off! during the upcoming weekend Toki Tori will be available for only €2.24 and $2.45. The sale starts tomorrow, Friday July 1st – but hurry, the sale ends promptly on Sunday July 4th at Midnight. Please refer to the distribution portals for further details.

Toki Tori is now available for purchase at:
Mac Game Store:

Valve’s Steam:
Toki Tori features

  • 80+ levels spread over 4 large worlds
  • Dozens of hours of gameplay
  • A wide variety of items and weapons
  • Instant rewind function
  • Charming characters
  • Full screen HD graphics
  • Controls designed for mouse and/or keyboard