Puzzled Robot Tries Strategy

Onteca have developed a game which has been dated for release on WiiWare, Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs. Robots has taken nearly two years to be polished up to the state of being ready for deployment and so from August 16 in the US and Europe from August 20, it can be yours  for 500 Wii Points.
Game info:
Monsteca Corral focuses on fast paced fun-puzzle gameplay. It is targeted at anyone and everyone who enjoys pick up and play games. You control a herd of peculiar orange creatures known as Stompies. You need to stop these cute and not so bright Monsters being stunned by invading robots. Instead of watching Stompies run a dim-witted riot, it is your job to collect them and guide them successfully through each level.

As a Monster Herder you fly above the Stompies saving them from the dangers of their changing environment. Your Stompies run through each level, collecting Energy orbs that are scattered throughout the habitat and which increase the communal power of the herd. This power enables the herd to smash up buildings, resist the ever increasing robot population and feed the Astro Maggot that provide their ultimate means of escape.
Herders can use the Wii Remote to:

  • create deviation paths that block off dangerous routes for Stompies.
  • allow Stompies to follow a route.
  • make Stompies split and form sub groups.
  • help Stompies damage the robot environment.
  • make your Stompies jump and shake and fart.
  • rescue your Stompies from Robot Prison.
  • escape on the back of an Astro Maggot.

Game Features

  • Interactive soundtrack which changes melody based on player activity written by renowned experimental composer Joe McLaughlin (Kling Klang, one of British Indie stars Portishead’s favourite bands).
  • Hours and hours of full 3D gameplay across the 20+ levels with multiple possible Achievements.
  • Up-to-four player cooperative mode where you can drop in and help your mates.
  • Rich and Intuitive Control and Camera system.
  • Astro Maggots!

The official website can be viewed at www.monsteca.com.