Oh What the Bloody Hell

As well as being a typically British exclamation, it’s now also a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch from Softmines which is now available on the App Store.

“We’re confident players will enjoy Bloody Hell for its pick up and play simplicity and mindless destruction,”

said Vikas Gupta, CEO of Softmines.

“We’ve given you the arsenal, it’s up to you to do the damage. This is not a game about surviving… it’s a game about making the survival of others impossible.”

App info:
Bloody Hell is a fast-paced, bloodthirsty game that puts the player into the shoes of a man hell-bent on taking the ultimate retribution from his adversaries—their deaths. Using a wide variety of weaponry including guns, bombs and nuclear explosions, players can wreak destruction on any and all figures that dare to cross their path.

Killing off all enemies is not an easy task, however. As the levels progress, players will find it increasingly difficult to ensure that the enemies meet their makers. Since Bloody Hell also tracks high scores and kill combos using OpenFeint and Cocos Live, players can share their latest revenge-seeking achievements with all their friends (and any enemies who are still alive).
Bloody Hell features:

  • Seven main characters plus a few surprise guests
  • Two types of guns and multiple explosions including grenades and nuclear bombs
  • Three different environments to visit as players cause chaos and ravage adversaries
  • Open Feint connectivity and Cocos Live integration to share high scores and kill combos

Find Bloody Hell at itunes.apple.com/app/bloody-hell
For more information on Bloody Hell, go to www.softmines.com.

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