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Velocity Ultra

Curve Studios and Futurlab have created something which is a modern twist on a classic shoot-em-up style, featuring some great art and music that takes you back to the 1980’s.


Cubicity is one of those games to tax the old grey matter. It starts out simple and before you know it, you’re sat there for a few minutes contemplating your next move on how to get the box in to the target area.

Space Hulk

Space Hulk is a game I normally wouldn’t have asked to review, the reason for that is because it’s a real-time strategy based on the Games Workshop/Warhammer board game and I stopped playing those even before I got into console gaming.

GTA V Limited Edition Strategy Guide

Game guides don’t really differ, it’s pretty much the same format in every book regardless of the game it’s covering. The Grand Theft Auto V guide is just as extensive as every other guide, but this isn’t about the standard version.

Guacamelee! Review

The Mexicans have this thing about the living and the dead interacting with each other and Guacamelee! Gold is no different. You are Juan Aguacate and your task is to save El Presidente’s daughter from being sacrificed by Carlos Calaca.

Garfield's Wild Ride

I’m a big fan of Garfield, have been for years and in fact, even had the wallpaper at one point (real wallpaper, not on a computer desktop or other digital device) and enjoyed the first movie, then a new cartoon was released in the new, modern computerized 3D style… And it’s not too bad.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn

How many games can you name that you have been playing for a year or more? I had clocked over 400 hours before obtaining the Dragonborn expansion (it’s not an add-on, Hearthfire is an add-on), after playing around five hours a night over the last five nights, I’m on over 450 hours and still have a load to play.

Bradygames' Skylanders Giants Guide

Do you ever get stuck in a game and don’t have a way to find out what to next? Worst of all, you can’t access the internet to search GameFAQs and when you finally do, the answer you were looking for isn’t there?

Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia

There are guides and there are books, but when something is worthy of an encyclopedia, that’s when you realise just how big it is and considering Star Wars: The Old Republic is an immense world, it needed a substantial book to cover it.

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

SEGA are known for providing the videogaming masses with pretty and colourful games, take Sonic the Hedgehog for example, all the colours of the rainbow in that, but who would have thought Hell could be just as colourful?