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Zero Escape Released

Aksys Games has released an Original Video Animation (OVA) film for Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward which is now available on the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS which can be seen at www.virtueslastreward.com.


Aksys Games has officially announced that a compilation of the BIT.TRIP series is coming to the 3DS which includes all six BIT.TRIP games which are transformed into 3D and morphed into a single entity called BIT.TRIP SAGA. You’ll be able to experience the crushing difficulty of the rhythmic galaxies and ride along the long journey with CommanderVideo as he completes his mission and returns…home. “I am only a man.” -CommanderVideo

Get Deathsmiles Goodies For Your 360

Themes and picture packs, are they really worth it when you’re only going to like that game until something else takes your interest, which could be as fast as a few days, maybe a week and you’ve gone and spent XXX MS Points before you realise that? If you don’t care and have too much money, you could send some to me (PayPal link is over there –> :p ) or choose from five picture packs and two Deathsmiles themes of which to spend either 80 or 240 MS Points on, Aksys Games would love you for it!

Double Dragon Kicks It on iPhone

Such a classic, back in t’day, my cousin and I were in our favourite chippy (fish & chip shop to the non-savvy) where they had a Double Dragon arcade machine at 10p per play, so we doubled up and about £1 each later, had completed it! Aksys Games have announced that Double Dragon iPhone has been released for… erm, the iPhone, but it also compatible with the iPod Touch, and iPad which features new art, music, extras and ability to play multiplayer by connecting a couple of iPhones with bluetooth.

What's This, A PSP Game?

It’s been a while since there has been news of any new PSP games, so rejoice in the fact that Aksys Games are nulling Sony‘s silly idea of it not being worth further development due to piracy by announcing a retro-style action RPG called Jikandia: The Timeless Land. Not sure if it’s just US or UK GameStop‘s too (yes, we have them over here too), but if you pre-order from there, you will also recieve a special Jikandia themed strap and cleaner as long as you do it before March 15th (probably March 18th for UK).