APB’s APB Received

Image via CrunchBase When all hope was lost after Realtime Worlds went into administration and chances of APB disappearing forever before it had a chance to really take off, rumours of someone buying APB were going around a few days later, now there’s no need for rumours due to Reloaded Productions, Inc. aquiring the IP rights. “We are obviously very happy to have concluded the sale but at the same time very much regret the loss of jobs as a result of the closure of Realtime Worlds,” said Paul Dounis of Begbies Traynor. “As a consequence of the IPR asset sale all outstanding wages and holiday pay claims will be met in full. GamersFirst is a pioneer in the free-to-play space, thus APB will be re-launched as a free-to-play model game rather than the previous retail model. People who previously bought the game can now look forward to playing it again once it’s back online.” APB: All Points Bulletin will be reborn as APB: Reloaded and published by GamersFirst who are a very popular Free2Play MMO publisher.