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Cut the Rope Gets a Cake

Chillingo has just tweeted that there is apparently a Cut the Rope Cake, there is and it looks quite big, but two dimensional. Looks rather nomalicious though.

Chillingo Release Angry Birds on Minis

You should all know about Angry Birds by now, if not, well it’s time to crawl out from under that rock and rub the crap from out of your eyes, it’s like, only the biggest thing in the last 12 months or so. Now it’s spreading its wings even further by arriving on the PSN as a Mini and even available through Media Go, yup, it’s the PSP version… is there a DS version in the works and coming some time soon?

Clumsy Bob Trips Over Chillingo

How many elephants do you know called Bob? Would you like to know one? You’ll have to be careful as he’s a bit clumsy and has packed his trunk to go off around the world on his very own adventure. Jump on and over platforms while avoiding snakes and collecting coins while trying to get as far as possible on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and all for 99c or usually 59p (if it’s on the UK App Store).

Assault Squadron Goes Lite

iPhone and/or iPod Touch owners rejoice, Assault Squadron 1.2.3 from Chillingo now has a Lite version for you to download and play, if you like it, the full version is like, less than a buck. Added Relative Touch Controls Increased ship movement speed Increased point bonus for completing a level without dying or being hit Worldwide on the Apple App Store miniurl.com/63775 Price: $.99 & LITE:  miniurl.com/63776.

Knights Rush The App Store

Chillingo has brought top sellers to the App Store such as iDracula, Ragdoll Legends and the prequel to the game being posted about here, Knights Onrush, but now they’re bringing Knights Rush to the iPhone and iPod Touch. The blurb: Following the tremendous success of ‘Knights Onrush’, Chillingo and indie developer MoreGames Entertainment bring ‘Knight’s Rush’ – a brand new action-adventure game to the App Store! With added heroes and a huge campaign featuring seven worlds to explore, players will discover new enemies, bosses, machines and traps for an epic, unforgettable adventure. To get the game, go to the App Store where you’ll find it for just £1.79.