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Mass Effect 3 Starts a Rebellion

Available right now and for absolutely NOTHING is the FREE multiplayer content for Mass Effect 3 called the Rebellion Pack which adds a bunch of new stuff for you to enjoy new maps and characters, there’s also a trailer to show you more.

EA Reveal New SimCity Scenario

EA has released a second SimCity scenario video although, they tweeted a ‘scenario 3’ video yesterday, it is actually the third part in what is supposedly a four part series of scenario videos and just explains a few more details about the game, they seem to have skipped the second one.

Crysis 3 Officially Announced

The company you love to hate has officially announced that Crysis 3 will be coming to your favourite gaming platform in 2013, Electronic Arts are bringing the CryENGINE powered title in approximately a year or so if Spring 2013 is to be believed.

Buy Microsoft Points for EURO 2012

A big fan of FIFA 2012 and can’t wait to get the EURO 2012 expansion? As what is now quite common, a special branded 2100 Microsoft Points card is to be released, although, the expansion only (LOL, ‘only’) costs 1800 MSP, leaving you with 300 to spend on whatever you want.

EA Demonstrate Glassbox

EA have released a video which shows off the Glassbox Game Engine that is being used for SimCity, it gives you a visual idea of how the game will work from its core values and into the virtual world that you will create.

Got Syndicate yet?

No? Well the official release date is today, February 24th 2012, so what’s your excuse? If it’s because you don’t know too much about it, well let’s fix that shall we and give you some info about the game that was originally released back in 1993 or as some kids would say these days, in ancient times.

Mass Effect 3 Goes Against All Odds

No, there’s nothing in relation to any cheesy music here, just more epic gameplay visuals to make you drool even more at the prospect of playing the third Mass Effect as a new trailer shows seemless playing and cutscene interactions, if the game turns out as good as it looks, it will be hard to beat for Game of the Year.

Be Masterful in The Sims 3

A new stuff pack is coming that will add more lucious goodies to your Sims 3 and this time, it’a all about looove bebeh! Want to get all romantic when you bring home that special someone? Or look good for all the ladies/gents?

Battlefield 3 Takes You To Karkland

There was news of it ages ago that you would be able to download Karkland for good old sentimental reasons due to it being one of the more popular Battlefield 2 maps, so EA thought they would give you something to look at before it’s released.

Mass Effect 3 Co-op Screens Emerge

One of the best features about the next title in the Mass Effect series is that you’ll be able to play co-op, as long as it doesn’t go full multiplayer in the form of deathmatch and other such modes, then I think it will stay unique.