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Buy Microsoft Points for EURO 2012

A big fan of FIFA 2012 and can’t wait to get the EURO 2012 expansion? As what is now quite common, a special branded 2100 Microsoft Points card is to be released, although, the expansion only (LOL, ‘only’) costs 1800 MSP, leaving you with 300 to spend on whatever you want.

iPad Lines Up for FIFA 12

Not to be left out by EA, the iPad is to get in on the FIFA 12 action by being the latest version to be announced, along with some screens and a fact sheet.

FIFA 12 Featured XBL Stuff

You just know that there is going to be downloadable content and you also know that because it’s EA, it’s not going to be free although, to be fair, Microsoft are partly to blame for that with their ‘only one free DLC’ policy, but this is football we’re talking about here! Gamers of previous FIFA titles that like to play online against real opponants obviously need a Gold membership, not just any membership, but for twelve months if they’re going to play until the next version and to keep the game up to date, they’re going to need Microsoft Points, that’s where some featured cards come into play.

FIFA 12 Gives You the Facts

I like fact sheets, it’s like, easy news by just giving you all the info as is and not trying to present it in a pretentious journalistic way, so, here we go… Revolutionary changes to the best sports game on the planet with innovations inspired by the real-world of football and powered by the all-new FIFA 12 Player Impact Engine.