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Rockstar Announce GTA Online Heists

It’s been a long time coming, but Rockstar have finally revealed that heists are coming to GTA Online. The announcement comes with a video to show some of the things included such as vehicles and weapons.

GTA Online Getting Business Update

GTA Online is still a fickle place where everyone will shoot you instead of hanging out or actually doing something productive. The new update won’t solve anything, it will just cause more dickery by giving more reasons for assholes to kill you.

GTA V, Install Only One Disk

A brief article on Eurogamer has said that Rockstar is warning gamers not to install both disks on the Xbox 360. GTA V comes on two disks, an install and play disk, it’s recommended you do NOT install the play disk.

GTA V Poster Was Real

People of the internet got wind of what looked like advertising posters you would see displayed in stores, some debunked the image as fake, while others were not so skeptical and held some belief that there was some truth in the ‘leak’.