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A NEW Captain Marvel Trailer

The comments are strange with this one, mostly about how monotone her voice is and how “stonefaced” she is, but like some have said, it’s just bits in a trailer, so we don’t really know how she is in the rest of the movie.

Captain Marvel Logo

Captain Marvel Trailer Drops

It’s the day a lot of people have been waiting for, the day the Captain Marvel trailer drops onto the Internet for us all to drool over or wonder if it will turn out like TV’s Supergirl.

MvC3 FoTW DLC & Galactus Screens

Capcom has released a whole bunch of screens from the Shadow Mode DLC and Galactus from Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.. [pe2-gallery] [/pe2-gallery]

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Facts

After a decade of waiting, iconic Marvel and Capcom characters join forces again in a re-envisioned team fighting game for a new generation. Fill the shoes of legendary characters from both the Marvel and Capcom Universes as you battle in a living comic book art style powered by Capcom’s MT Framework, an advance version of the graphics engine used for Resident Evil 5. Get set for the ultimate faceoff when Marvel vs. Capcom 3 hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Spring 2011.

SEGA Bring Out Thor To Thunder On Your Console

Out of all the Marvel superheroes, you wouldn’t have expected to see Thor have his own game, but thanks to SEGA developing a third-person adventure game, he soon will. “We are proud to be bringing Thor to his first solo video game adventure” commented Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SEGA Europe and SEGA America. “Thor: The Video Game will finally bring the immense power of this iconic hero to lifelong fans, and introduce the God of Thunder to a whole new audience as a true Marvel Super Hero.”