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FREE Max Payne 3 DLC

Are you sitting there, staring at your completed Max Payne 3 game and wondering when some DLC is coming? This Summer starts off with the Disorganized Crime Pack which is completely gratis and should be released some time this month.

Max Payne 3 Soundtrack on iTunes

As from today, you can download Max Payne 3: The Official Soundtrack on iTunes. The original soundtrack for Max Payne 3 is composed by HEALTH, the L.A. noise band whose non-symmetrical sounds have garnered critical acclaim from the music press and fans around the world.

[Chart] It's a Payne At the Top

There were actually a couple of games released that could have seen the top of this weeks chart have either one at the top, the main reason that the number one is number one is due to it being multi-format and the other being PC only.

Max Payne 3 PC Requirements

Rockstar have released information in regards to the PC specifications required to run Max Payne 3, pre-warning, you will need a decent spec and no, your three year old laptop probably won’t cut it this time.