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Doctor Who Author Joins Mediatonic

Don’t get too excited, it’s not Stephen Moffat, but it is someone that has written a number of Doctor Who novels and reference books, as well as providing narrative content for Dr Who licensed games and writing game guides, Oli Smith. Paul Croft, director of games, Mediatonic comments: “Compelling stories and humour are a big focus for us in the games we make and are core values of our creative philosophy. Oli is a fantastic writer and I’m delighted to have him join the team to further cement our reputation in this area.”

WTF is on Steam

Yet another game using the W T F acronym, this time it’s Who’s That Flying!?.. yeah I know, and it doesn’t really get much better. Cartoony style graphics in an old style 2D shhot-em-up leads to an overpriced ‘seen it all before’ game, even at £5.99. I know, this isn’t a review, all I’m saying is that it looks kinda fun for about 10 minutes before you move onto something else and if you really must get the game, please wait for a sale before buying it, it’s just a pity there isn’t a demo, but at least you can see what it’s all about at store.steampowered.com/app/57700/.

Use Your Phone To Eat Birds

Mediatonic has released Must.Eat.Birds onto the Android Marketplace for phones with the OS 2.1 or above and costs just 99¢, so yeah, looks like another US only dealy. Paul Croft, head of games, Mediatonic, comments: “It’s fantastic to be launching MUST.EAT.BIRDS. on Android devices. We’ve been working closely with OpenFeint over the past few months to bring it to the platform and are very excited about launch.” He continues, “The game had a great reception on the iOS so we’re hoping it will go down well with the Android marketplace.”

PSP Mini Game Launches On Xbox Indie

Mediatonic has announced its PSP Minis debut, Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess, has been launched on Xbox Live Indie Games and although it has pretty much the same features of the original, only this time it’s in HD. It landed on PSN back in April where it got review scores of around 80% (8/10 – 4/5) from top gaming news sites and even broadsheet press, so if it’s essentially the same game on the Xbox 360 as the PSP Mini version, chances are that it has/will get the same kind of scores.

Another Meaning for WTF

There was some weird game some time ago called WTF? that was just random randomness and didn’t make much sense, this time, WTF means Who’s That Flying?! which is a Mini game coming to PSP and PlayStation 3. Writer and designer Jim Griffiths comments: “The beating heart of Who’s That Flying?! is a fast-paced side-scrolling shooter, but we’re also very proud of the world and characters that we’ve created. Every level you play through is actually the Guardian retelling his story to the Galactic Council in an attempt to prove his innocence – with the occasional twist in the tale.” Jim continues: “We feel it’s an interesting and effective way of bringing together the story and the game mechanic to make both of them feel relevant and more meaningful to the player.”