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THQ Show a Model Trailer

THQ has released a trailer for Metro: Last Light which focuses on a woman who used to be a top model, but since all the conflict started, she’s become nothing, just another human trying to survive any way she can.

Metro: Last Light Genesis Trailer

THQ released a new trailer for the highly anticipated Metro: Last Light, simply called “Genesis”. It shows off some of the graphics and gameplay which just look so awesome, you’ll be begging for its release now and not March 2013.

THQ Preach a New Metro: Last Light Trailer

Not quite sure what to think of this, it’s not your typical gameplay trailer, more of a live-action feature which doesn’t explain anything. It shows ‘March 2013’ in the bottom-right of the video, so maybe that’s part of the reason for releasing the video?

Metro: Last Light TGS Screens

Now, before you get confused, Metro: Last Night was what it was originally announced as, now it seems THQ has decided to change it to Light instead, which kind of makes more sense I suppose, but as it’s not due for release until next year, there’s time for it to change again.