Party With a Golden Pac-Man

Pac-Man hasn’t really had a good outing since the 80’s, there’s only so much he’s capable of and then it’s mainly just platformer type games, 3D is just a no-go area, again. So, what can you do with the big round yellow waka fiend? Not a lot, so Namco Bandai have decided that he needs to be put on the Wii in yet another party game, because that’s what Wii’s are for, right? Party games? You’d think so due to the majority of them avalable and being released, so, what’s new about Pac-Man Party which has gone gold? As well as having the usual dozens of mini-games, challenges and surprises where players will have to use their skills and reflexes to compete against one another as they move about unique virtual game boards, not that much unsurprisingly.