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MG FreePlay: Serena

Serena is a free game on Steam which is a dark, atmospheric point and click adventure. Some may call it a horror game, I suppose you could tag it that, but it’s more about a sinister discovery which becomes more clear towards the end.

Sign in at the Asylum

Senscape has had a project literally called ‘Unnamable Project’ of which they’ve finally revealed the details of, it was probably ‘unnameable’ due to them not wanting to be too obvious, so just went for Asylum… Yeah… “We have created something very special here,” said Agustín Cordes, designer of Scratches. “The decaying Hanwell institute seems to have a life of its own and was designed from the ground up after real blueprints of vintage asylums. It may be one of the largest virtual structures ever created for a game.” Game info: The name and nature of this long awaited horror adventure are revealed along with a lengthy and moody trailer that shows its frightening atmosphere as well as a large selection of concept artwork, including the entire cast of characters in the game. While details are still scarce, it has transpired that players will be able to explore at leisure a vast and vivid asylum known as the Hanwell Mental Institute, while diving into a disturbing horror storyline unlike anything that has ever been seen before in the adventure genre.