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Yet Another 3DS Starter Kit

It’s inevitable, a new console or handheld is due to be released, starter kits galore are announced, this time it’s a company called Sunflex who will be releasing what they think gamers will need when getting their Nintendo 3DS on release day. The snakebyte 3DS Starter Pack will have pretty much what you expect to get in a pack that costs around €20 (£17 approx): Premium synthetic leather-pouch for the 3DS, three gaming modules as well as a stylus Three color sorted, telescopic styluses Two residue-free, clear screen covers Universal USB-adapter to charge 3DS and other devices USB charging cable for use with USB adaptor or any USB port Sturdy protective cover for six gaming modules Ear buds with 3.5mm stereo jack See www.snakebyte-usa.com for more details, when it’s closer to March 25th, that is.