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Speedball 2 Celebrates St. Patrick's Day

Yet another game is to get a St. Patrick’s Day update, this time, it’s Speedball 2 Evolution which will feature a special St Patrick’s Day Shamrock shield for new career teams, a new sporty icon and new improved virtual d-pad art, as well as a few bug fixes. Mike Montgomery, owner of The Bitmap Brother’s said: “We are really happy that Speedball 2 is as successful and popular now as it was 21 years ago. It’s amazing to think we have a No.1 hit in the charts again after all these years”

Get a Speedball in Your Hand

Speedball 2, such a classic game of which I personally don’t think transfers well into current generation systems, it was great back then on the Amiga and Atari ST, but even on an iPhone, it just doesn’t seem right. It may work very well, I don’t or won’t know due to not owning an iPhone or iPod Touch and therefore, not being able to play it and give a full opinion about it, but I do remember it when it was around originally and it was one of the best games at the time.

Aim With Your iPhone and Shoot To Kill

Tower Studios has launched the company’s first title for iPhone and iPod Touch, Shoot to Kill that is also the first game to feature the ‘Free for Freaks’ payment system based on the player’s skill. With Free For Freaks, ‘You only pay if you need to… and freaks always play for free.’ “The Free for Freaks model really works with Shoot to Kill, which challenges players in a classic action shoot ‘em up game that will bring back memories of Smash TV and Doom,” said Remi Koscielny, CEO of Vivid Games. “Partnering with Tower Studios is giving us the opportunity to create some great original IP and work on licenses that are beloved by generations.”