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See Some Trials Fusion Multiplayer

Sorry for the mass Ubisoft posting, but they have a lot going on and it’s all good stuff. This time it’s a video featuring Trials Fusion multiplayer action that, if you’re going to buy the game and play online, you’ll want to watch.

New Update for Trials Fusion Beta

If you’ve been playing the Trials Fusion beta, are you enjoying it? The PC version has had an update which brings a slew of new content and even lowers the minimum system requirements to be more compatible with lower-end computers.

Trials Fusion Enters Beta

The beta is here! Almost, well, tomorrow it starts for those of you who have pre-ordered the game. Don’t forget that you will need Uplay if you’re playing it on PC, there doesn’t appear to be definite info about the beta on consoles, but I guess it’s on them, too.

Ride On with Trials Fusion

It’s been a while since we heard anything about Trials Fusion, but now a piece of artwork and a video. There have been rumours of a beta coming up soon, so there should hopefully be some information about that soon.

Trials Fusion Artwork Revealed

The Trials games have been such a big success for a relatively small franchise, so it’s no surprise that at E3, Trials Fusion made an appearance. Not much information yet, just some artwork and a video was released to give you a taste.