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Know Your Wang From Kung Fu

Wondering what to buy for your DSi, 3DS or Wii this week? Johnny Kung Fu is on the eShop for 3DS gamers which has you trying to rescue your girlfriend from Mr Wang Gang (oh, please…). Read on for the rest of Nintendo’s offering this week.

Lots of Nintendo To Download

If you were worried about Nintendo not providing enough downloadable content, this week sees a multitude of games and in-game goodies for you to spend those precious points or pocket money on.

More Retro Nintendo This Week

If you still have some Nintendo Points and in the mood for some retro gaming, the Game Boy Color version of Wario Land II is available this week for all 3DS owners, but if you fancy something for the Wii, you could try Double Dragon II.

Sweet Memories for Nintendo This Week

More downloadable games arrive for a Nintendo device near you, soon with Rayman coming to Vrtual Console for the 3DS while Mega Man is scheduled for the Wii and a new 3DS game has you playing cards while remembering a childhood sweetheart.

Kirby Dreams of Birds

Nintendo plod on with their downloadable offerings and this week sees Kirby land on the 3DS’ Virtual Console, while a Rayman Origins demo also becomes available and a new demo arrives on WiiWare.

Nintendo Goes Back To The 80's

Apparently, WiiWare sales are “almost non-existant” and while that’s no surprise, Nintendo have decided to bring back some 1980’s classics via the Virtual Console on the 3DS and Wii, but to further damage the “almost non-existant” sales, you will have to fork out a whopping 900 Wii Points for Super Hang-On.

Zelda Goes Virtual on 3DS

This week sees The Legend of Zelda arrive on the 3DS through the Virtual Console, but if that doesn’t interest you and prefer some classic fighting action, you may want to head on over to WiiWare and take part in a first for the Wii Virtual Console.

A Game Gear Game on 3DS?

Yes, that’s what you can buy this week as Dragon Crystal is the Virtual Console game for the Nintendo 3DS while Mega Man 5 is the Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES for short) Virtual Console game for the Wii.

Metroid Hits the 3DS

If you’re a seasoned gamer, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I mention Metroid and Strider, those are just a couple of the titles on offer this week from Nintendo as Metroid is released on the Virtual Console for the 3DS and Strider launches on the Wii VC.