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WoT a Record Breaker

World of Tanks has brokena world record for having the most simulanteous players on a server by reaching 74,536 when the Russian version was released. “The online peak has been growing steadily for the past several weeks, and the PCCU numbers shown by both World of Tanks versions are just astonishing. We are extremely proud of the scale of popularity the game has managed to gain so far.” — says Wargaming.net CEO Victor Kislyi. “The fact that Western and Russian players keep on joining the ranks of virtual tank commanders makes us believe that more records are to come”. Join in by going to game.worldoftanks.com/registration/cbt.

World of Tanks, Population: One Million

Image via Wikipedia If you haven’t played the free MMO World of Tanks, why not? I’ll admit that I haven’t due to not being my kind of game, but that hasn’t stopped over a million people registering their interest to play the beta. With there being so many Europeans getting in on the action, Wargaming.net are installing additional European servers to the line-up while polishing the game as bugs are found and reported in the effort to get the game as near to perfection as possible before the general release that should be happening this first quarter.

World of Tanks Site Invades Europe

Image via Wikipedia The popularity of World of Tanks is growing so much, that Wargaming.net has been localized into six European countries – France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Spain, meaning gamers from those countries won’t have to struggle reading English or using something like Google Translate when accessing the site. “We are extremely happy to see that more and more audiences are attracted by our project” says Nick Katselapov, producer of the game. “We are on the way to meet the large international interest in World of Tanks by successively expanding various localizations of the game. The launch of the promo websites for World of Tanks in a number of European languages is a very important event for local communities.”

World of Tanks Gets Medium Trailer

Wargaming.net has released a trailer for World of Tanks of which has also entered closed beta, as well as a trailer, there’s a bunch of info to be read in case you might have missed it. The footage demonstrates epic in-game clashes of WWII era armored fighting vehicles giving a glimpse inside medium tanks’ tactics in battle! and highlights combat characteristics of legendary T-44, VK 3002 (DB) and Panther units. Medium tanks perform a wide array of task on the battlefield that range from protecting artillery and convoying allied units to staging instant flank attacks and capturing the enemy base being the main assault power of the team.