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A Lesson in Watch_Dogs 101

Do you want to know more about Watch_Dogs? What better way to learn about the game than to watch a video which shows you everything you need to know in a ‘101’ style. Hacking, Multiplay and Driving, it’s all there.

Watch_Dogs Uses Nvidia Technologies

Watch_Dogs is on a bit of a campaign roll with the website and the Facebook linking and whatever, but if you’d prefer to see more about the technical side of the game, watch this video about how the game works with Nvidia.

Watch Watch_Dogs Get Unboxed

You may have already seen it, it’s technically not an unboxing in the strictest sense, it’s more of a what-to-expect-in-the-Vigilante-Edition video. If Ubisoft would be so kind as to send me an actual Watch_Dogs VE (on PS3 please), I’ll do a proper unboxing vid!