Get your music on with DSi

Taken by Havok on April 1st 2009.
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Could you imagine the experience of playing a realistic acoustic guitar in your Nintendo DSi?
“Music on: Acoustic Guitar”, third title of Abylight’s successful series for Nintendo DSiWare, is a virtual guitar with realistic sound and feeling.
It is scheduled to be released soon in Europe, Australia and the Americas.
About “Music on” series
“Music On” series for Nintendo DSiWare is a software collection including musical applications and games for all ages.
The series started with “Music on: Electronic Keyboard”, followed by “Music on: Retro Keyboard”. It will be soon continued with “Music on: Acoustic Guitar”. More titles are in development.
The “Music on” series is currently top-ranked as a non-free release on the Nintendo DSiWare service in the US and European countries such as UK, Germany and France.

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