Borderlands Gets An Update

Whilst sitting here, typing away at the last post, a notification popped up from Steam to let me know that an update had been downloaded for Borderlands, having not played the game for a while, I checked the news to see why it had been updated and was only pleased with one of them.

Borderlands (video game)Implemented new opt-in stat-tracking service, BTest, for Steam players.

  • The result of ongoing work within Gearbox Labs, BTest is a limited-time experiment that offers you the chance to help us tune and improve our games.
  • By choosing to participate in BTest, you help us learn more about the world of Borderlands (what guns are the most popular and effective, what areas are being played the most, etc.) just by playing the game!
  • You will be able to compare your characters to your friends and other players throughout the world through the Gearbox Labs site.
  • For more information on BTest visit
  • Added new EULA and opt-in / opt-out menu choices for BTest functionality.
  • Save games now sync with Steam Cloud for remote backup.

Yay, Steam Cloud backup, but wait wut? They want to find out how people play the game and and what’s popular by implementing BTest? So, this is their idea of gaining ‘market research’ of what to put in Borderlands 2?
You have the option of whether to opt in or not and could possibly be a good idea of what Borlderlands gamers like, only the other day did they ask what people wanted in a Special Edition, so could this mean they actually care what we want? It seems like a good idea, but that will depend on how many are willing to participate.