BeingNerdy Been Naughty with Gears of War 3 Review

Not sure of validity of the claim that the Vice President of Epic Games really did post a comment on’s Gears of War review since, as someone pointed out in the comments, if it really was him, it would have all been handled via emails.

Mark Rein apparently commented on the review by saying that the website hadn’t been given a review copy of the game and therefore had no way of reviewing it, they also appear to be the first website in the world to have posted the review, but only because they broke the embargo by about seven hours.
If it really was the Mark Rein that commented and real legal action will occur, below is an image of the review and comments before it (possibly) gets taken down and/or the website disappears due to not being able to afford the legal fees if BeingNerdy doesn’t comply with the take-down warning.


Possible spoilers if the review is legit and of a final copy of the game.
To avoid possible spoilers or potential bullcrap, scroll to the bottom of the image to read the comments.