You Didn't Get This with Your GoW3

You went to the midnight launch to pick up the megafantasticalepic edition or maybe you stayed at home to wait for it to be delivered to your house/flat/cave OR possibly went and picked it up from the store Tuesday morning, either way, there’s an essential piece of gamers equipment that wasn’t included in any of the Gears of War 3 packages.

GoW3 GlassIf you’re a true gamer, you will know that when you get into a session, you need a supply of foodstuffs and most of all, liquid refreshment. The food can range from chewy sweets to crisps (chips for the yanks), whatever you need to get through it all, but what about drinks? Cans can be awkward if the opening isn’t in the right place and you’re not paying full attention, then there are package drinks like Capri Sun which can get quite messy if grabbed too tightly… So, what do you do?
Order one of those glasses as seen on the right there and you’ll be washing down those greasy/salty snacks with ease, no need to look at where you need to put your mouth as it’s a glass, you can’t miss!
I know I sound like I’m advertising this, I suppose I am in a way, but only because gaming paraphernalia such as this is what people like.
If you want to buy one, just visit NanajofNine’s Etsy page to order, but be warned, you pay quite a premium to have it delivered to the UK, but if you’re such a hardcore fan, cost doesn’t matter.

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