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For those that don’t speak in binary, it says, “OIO Out Now” and if you’re wondering what OIO is, it’s basically a puzzle platformer that has won a series of prestigious awards and the affections of gamers with ‘The Uncanny Fish Hunt’.

OIO is a scrolling platform puzzler, with simple yet intricate gameplay elements that draw the player into their quest to collect 100 orbs and 3 fragments on each level, and ultimately put the pieces of the story together to unravel the mystery.  The player will guide OIO through 12 scrolling levels in the twilight domain, using the seeds he acquires to grow and combine wooden beams and solve increasingly elaborate physical puzzles.

OIO01.jpg OIO02.jpg OIO03.jpg OIO04.jpg

Jump over obstacles, climb, and master the propagation of fire in the wooden world, reaching ever higher through four different environments, including roots and natural wood, mines, and eventually a realm of metallic machinery.

If you’d like to find out more, visit www.oio-thegame.com or buy it from GamersGate.

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