New Xbox 360 Controller Is Screened

It’s always down to third party developers to give gamers something a little different or extra features such as what this news is about, Datel are renowned for providing peripherals that have something extra about them, so the Wildfire EVO comes as no surprise.

Well, maybe it does as it comes with … a screen. Yes, a little 1.7 inch display or Combat Command as they like to call it that gives you access to;

  • Enable Multimode Turbo Fire, Sniper Mode, Low Recoil, Button Remapping, Combo sequences and much more, using EVO’s intuitive on screen display.
  • Fine-tune settings at any given moment in your game to ensure maximum effect!
  • Outgun your opponents by speeding up or, slowing down the controller’s own Turbo Rapid Fire feature.

Some info:
Use Combat Command to adjust sensitivity on the analog sticks and trigger buttons in game. Add effects such as slowing down or speeding up the camera pan, even swap analog sticks around for a left handed player.

Use the display to switch to your preferred gaming button map, giving you greater control of the game. For example, you may wish to use the Call of Duty configuration on Halo Reach.  Or, if you prefer choose to aim and shoot from the same button, giving you a more rapid response.

The options are endless and you simply use EVO’s underside fingertip function buttons to flip between custom profiles giving you loads of combinations of moves and settings.  Giving you ultimate control of the game!

Wildfire EVO

In addition to its unique programmability, WildFire EVO features an integrated headset port for Xbox Live play. A precision-engineered design built to withstand aggressive fast -paced game play!

The design team have even repositioned the F1 and F2 buttons to the back of the controller, in a more comfortable position, minimising finger fatigue in extended gameplay.

Datel has also listened to requests from users of the original WildFire 2 controller and now EVO provides the option to use either rechargeable battery packs or regular cell batteries.

Summary of Features

  • Fully compatible with Xbox 360
  • Direct sync with Xbox 360 – no cord or dongles required
  • Fully wireless
  • Unique built in 1.7” TFT Combat Command Weapon selector interface.
  • Customizer feature – enabling users to customize controller settings for specific games
  • 20ft wireless range
  • Seamless control and accuracy
  • Programmable vibration feedback
  • Full analogue input
  • Integrated headset port for Xbox Live play
  • Dual rumble motors
  • Truly ergonomic shape fits perfectly in your hands
  • Blue glowing grips when turbo rapid fire is enabled
  • Accepts standard rechargeable battery packs
  • Precision engineered
  • Built to withstand aggressive fast paced game play!

You should be able to buy the Wildfire EVO some time this month for just £34.99.