Got Battlefield 2? Not Anymore You Don't

Whether you like it or not, your EA account is now an Origin account. Remember the clause about losing games that are over two years old? Yeah, that’s real as someone found out when contacting EA support, only to be told he can’t register it on Origin.

EA Support Chat
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The icing on the cake is when he tells the support guy (seems like a guys name) that he wants to cancel his Battlefield 3 pre-order, this isn’t very surprising as I’ve seen others say they’ve cancelled too, has EA gone too far with Origin?
On a personal note, I tried to ‘register’ The Sims 3 Generations through Origin, but was unable to and so I wonder if it’s because they think I’m trying to register The Sims 3 which was released in June 2009, a few months before the deadline.
Does that mean that if you want to install a game purchased now and then reinstall it two years from now, because you feel like playing it again, mean that it won’t work? If that’s the case, who is going to bother buying anything that will be rendered useless in a couple of years?
Thanks to JoePinball for linking to the pic in IRC.